SCA ALLIANCE LIMITED is a British company that initiated the development of and operates the SCA Project ecosystem

SCA Project is based on a trading and investment blockchain platform built on the innovative, fast and safe Binance Smart Chain protocol with an integrated core strategy for risk-free investments in mutual funds of three market segments with marginal trading yields in an extremely short time period.
Satisfaction of investors' demand is our main goal
Client risks protection
Ensure the safety of the basic asset (investment capital) with covered hedging financial instruments, i.e. protect the Client’s funds from the risk of their loss.
Are transparent as in terms of understanding the chain of successive events of the investment product algorithm, i.e. will allow to understand and control the entire process of the investment product
Ensure that the investor is fully informed about the investment products, i.e. have quality explanations and do not mislead the Client
Extra income
Provide the possibility of paralleling the income by participating in multi-level assistance in the development of the Project, i.e. provide the Client with the opportunity to earn simultaneously in various products of the SCA Project
Provide all-round support to the participants of the Project, i.e. will provide the Client with information support at any moment in any convenient way for the Client
Client focused
Ensure unconditional right of investor to terminate participation or prolong previously accepted terms of investment, i.e. do not limit Client’s right to choose methods of control and can not prevent Client from direct control of his money funds
Provide instant liquidity of digital funds with actual assets, which have free circulation on the classical international stock market, i.e. will provide the possibility for the Client to exchange their assets for cash
Contain a wide range of variation of investment product conditions, from which the investor chooses the most appropriate to his investment strategy, i.e. will allow the Client to choose an understandable market trading strategy
Parent company of SCA Finance
Mutual funds for virtual currencies.
SCA Project goals and objectives
SCA Investment Platform - is a hardware and software complex of technical and financial solutions, providing the physical implementation of the SCA Project, the rights to which belong to the Initiator of the Project SCA ALLIANCE LIMITED.
Mutual Funds
Mutual funds in the format of Investment proposals (pools) are created from the assets of the securities market (shares), currency pairs and shares of promising startup projects of various stages of implementation.
Multifunctional Client Account - is a universal software solution that provides information anonymity; management of the Client’s financial flows; informing the Client about the investment products; private communication with the services of affiliated companies as part of Client support.
To serve the Project, an extended ecosystem will be developed and implemented.
New economy and products, new sources of income, fair value, unconditional liquidity.
More than 14 000 Stocks from NY to Hong Kong;
More than 1 800 trade Options;
46 smarter and more secure ways to trade crypto;
500 hedged stock trading in the most promising Start-ups.
Ensuring comprehensive investor awareness of investment products will be achieved by qualified legal services and confirmed by third-party auditors’ opinions on the quality of the Investment Contracts.

Ensuring the instant liquidity of digital funds for mutual settlements is achieved by placing highly liquid paper securities on the custody account of the executing financial company with the servicing brokers Interactive Broker and SAXO Bank.
Smart contracts
Ensuring the investor’s unconditional right to terminate participation or prolong the previously accepted terms of the investment product without deterioration with the possibility of unimpeded management of the basic investment asset will be carried out through the Terms and Conditions of the Smart Contracts, duly spelled out for the benefit of the Clients.
Providing the possibility of paralleling the investor’s income activity will be achieved through the profiled informing of the Clients by the specialists of 247 and Co. K/S and the availability of the open Offer for each level of the Partner and Bonus programs.

Become an independent financial adviser of SCA Project as a Partner of 247 and Co. K/S Consulting Company.

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Our Solutions
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The modern financial market is close to its collapse.Services of financial institutions leave much to bedesired. The political influence on the financial and stockmarket is growing.
Our company is licensed by the Danish FSA for almost the entire range of financial services. This allows us to be as versatile as possible when looking for the best solutions.
Be extremely attentive and careful when choosing a financial partner! Remember that the promised by other companies income may be a publicity stunt.
The instability of the global financial system is caused by a surplus of assets of financial institutions that cannot be invested in the real sectors of the countries' economies. Also, a significant influence of crypto-currency trends that break the mechanisms of taxation and control over their turnover.
Our Steady Grows service is the best solution for those who believe that the protection of assets and their value is paramount! In our work, we use market financial instruments to protect the interests of our clients. Your assets are insured by the Deposit Insurance System.

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When choosing a financial partner, use the knowledge of financial advisors with whom you have developed long-term relationships. You should also pay attention in the Internet space to customer comments about the quality of services provided by financial institutions.
We will provide strong protection of your assets and their value, you will receive stable passive income from professional work on the stock market and investment activity in the real sectors of the world economy. Our company promotes network marketing through our Partners, uses modern cryptocurrency trends and stays beyond political conjuncture.
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    Opening mutual accounts of different categories with professional participants of the financial and stock markets
    Creation and maintenance of various money and payment and trade and investment applications in accordance with Partners' needs.
    Creating and delivering complex financial solutions as well as individual financial instruments at the Partners' request.
    Mutual efforts to expand the range and improve the quality of non-operational financial services as per SCA K/S licenses.